How to change motorcycle levers

Why do motorcycles have Shorty levers?

Shorty levers are an OEM or aftermarket replacement clutch and brake lever for motorcycles that are shorter in length than the original levers. Shorty levers can improve the riders performance and hand ergonomics while riding.

How do you loosen a motorcycle clutch lever?

How to Adjust the Clutch Lever

  1. Pull back the rubber cover from the clutch lever, and loosen the larger lock nut by unscrewing it with your fingers.
  2. Screw the smaller “adjusting nut” outward to reduce free play and tighten the lever, or inward for the opposite effect.

Where is the shift lever on a motorcycle?

The lever on the left side is the clutch, which engages and disengages power from the engine. The foot lever on the right side is the rear brake. The gear shift lever is located on the left side and is operated with your left foot.

Why is my motorcycle clutch so hard to pull?

There are several factors that can contribute to a stiff clutch. An old, worn or dirty clutch cable is one reason. Other factors include dirty lever, stiff clutch springs, dirty or worn actuator arm or push rod. Clutch position and hand strength can also be a factor.

How tight should a motorcycle clutch cable be?

A correctly adjusted clutch cable should have about 1/8” of free play measured at the pivot. When we have too much free play at the lever, the clutch is never fully engaged when we pull the clutch lever. This results in harder shifting and increased clutch wear.

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