How to make a motorcycle chain tensioner

What is the purpose of chain tensioner?

When the chain drives, tensioner can provide the tension and absorb the vibration of chain, improves its wear resistance. It is an important function part to reduce noise of the system.

How does a motorcycle chain tensioner work?

The chain tensioner is connected to the rear of the bike either near the monoshock or most preferably on the swingarm near the rear chain sprocket and its cog is connected to the chain drive with an adjustment to give the chain some stretch so as to gain optimum slack and tightness to the chain operation.

Do I need a chain tensioner for a single speed?

Unless you have plenty of room to adjust chain tension, yes you do need a tensioner. You will find out pretty quick, if you do or you dont, once you start riding it.

What is a chain tensioner?

A tensioner is a device that applies a force to create or maintain tension. The force may be applied parallel to, as in the case of a hydraulic bolt tensioner, or perpendicular to, as in the case of a spring-loaded bicycle chain tensioner, the tension it creates.

Do you need a chain tensioner?

A well designed chain final drive, in serviceable condition, shouldn’t need a tensioner. If you’ve good a problem with a frame member, or something else in the way, fix it. A chain tensioner doesn’t treat the disease, it treats the symptom and it’s just something else to cause a problem down the road.

How tight should a BMX chain be?

You want about 1/2″ vertical deflection in the chain. Too loose it can bounce off the sprocket or chainring, too tight & it will wear almost every moving part of the bike out very quickly.

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What happens if timing chain tensioner breaks?

A broken timing chain will cause an engine to not start or fail while driving. If the belt is already broken, the engine won’t have enough compression to start. If it breaks or jumps while driving, the pistons will be damaged from contact with the valves. The valves themselves will bend and potentially ruin the engine.

What causes timing chain tensioner failure?

The most common cause of timing chain stretch is lack of maintenance and regular oil changes. … The bad oil can also damage the tensioner which makes the possibility of the engine skipping time or a catastrophic failure even greater.

How do you know if your timing chain tensioner is bad?

A bad tensioner will usually be accompanied by noise. This noise could be some type of squealing or rattling coming from the timing cover area. Also, when your timing belt is loose, it will cause some drivability issues usually under high load or high rpm.

What is the use of tensioner in motorcycle?

All Motorcycles and Scooter Engines are fitted with Timing Chain. These Chains Elongates with Time. To Maintain the proper Timing Chain tension And prevent chain noise ,Engines are fitted with Timing Chain Tensioner.

How does a hydraulic timing chain tensioner work?

A hydraulic tensioner includes a plunger with a distal end abutting the shoe. The plunger is movable within an opening formed in a tensioner body. The opening includes oil and a spring member therein to cushion chain loads transmitted through the shoe and plunger.

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