How to measure for motorcycle chaps

How do you measure for chaps?

How To Size Leather Chaps

  1. Measure your thigh at the largest part (usually 3-4 inches below where your thigh bends)
  2. Measure yourself while wearing jeans (or what you would normally wear under your chaps.

How are shotgun chaps measured?

We recommend adding 2″ to a snug measurement for western style shotgun chaps so the chap leg will slide up and down freely. Lower leg – the circumference of the leg at this point located half way between (top of foot) and (12). Leave the tape as loose as you want the chaps to fit.

Are motorcycle chaps worth it?

about all chaps will do is keep your knees from getting road rash, does nothing to protect your butt from road rash and they have no impact protection. chaps are pretty good at keeping your legs warm, and are popular with the cruiser crowd. there are a number of ways to protect your legs when riding.

What are motorcycle chaps for?

Motorcycle chaps are actually an important part of protective clothing when it comes to riding a motorcycle safely. Its function is to prevent the dreaded road rashes, or abrasion wounds in case of (knock on wood) you get a road crash.

Will leather chaps stretch?

Leather oil will soften your chaps, allowing them to stretch more easily. … The more you wear your chaps, the more they will stretch out. Wear them around the house and sit down in them as much as you can. Sitting will help them stretch out in the knee exactly as they will need to when you ride.

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How should Western chaps fit?

Show chaps should hang snugly off your waist, not your hips, and should cover some or all of your pants belt when you are mounted. They should fit smoothly through the thigh and hip, with almost no gapping at the front of your thigh.

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