How to use a motorcycle wheel chock

How does a motorcycle wheel chock work?

Types of Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

These chocks are easy to use since they automatically lock the wheel as soon as you roll the bike into the cradle. The cradle takes on the weight of the bike, which triggers the bracket to lift itself and lock onto the wheel.

How do you use a motorcycle chock?

How to Use a Motorcycle Wheel Chock

  1. Mount the Wheel Chock. Mount the wheel chock to the deck of your truck bed or trailer. …
  2. Secure the motorcycle. Secure the motorcycle to the trailer with four tie-down straps – two in the front and two in the back. …
  3. Tighten the straps. …
  4. Put into Gear.

Do I need a motorcycle wheel chock?

But tying down a motorcycle without using a wheel chock leaves the possibility of the front wheel turning and the entire motorcycle moving while being transported. … So, if you want to transport your motorcycle as safely as possible, it’s best to use a wheel chock to secure the wheels during your trip.

How do you trailer a motorcycle without a wheel chock?

Alternatives to wheel chocks

  1. Use soft straps on the bike itself, then loop each of those to a ratchet strap.
  2. Compress your shocks a little, so the straps won’t disengage if you hit a bump in the road.
  3. Choose your anchor points carefully; two at the front, two at the back, one to a side.

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What is motorcycle wheel chock?

Motorcycle wheel chocks are an excellent way of transporting a bike or multiple bikes inside a trailer or vehicle. … Most of them have some type of mounting points that needs to be installed in your rig or on the trailer so they can easily be removed to make room to walk around when you are not hauling bikes.

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How do you carry things on a motorcycle?

How To Carry Absolutely Anything On a Motorcycle

  1. A Backpack. This is the simplest solution. …
  2. Tank Bag. If your gas tank is metal, a tank bag is probably the next easiest solution. …
  3. Saddlebags. Just about any bike has room for a pair of saddlebags tossed on the back. …
  4. Top Trunk. …
  5. Built-In Storage. …
  6. Hard Luggage. …
  7. Straps. …
  8. The Sky’s The Limit.

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