What is a motorcycle swing arm

What does a extended swing arm do?

Extended swing arms — the main part of the rear suspension, holding the rear axle — help prevent the bike from going into wheelie position on takeoff, which can happen unintentionally.

How does a single sided swingarm work?

With a traditional swingarm, you have to remove the axle, get your hands greasy putting the chain aside, and deal with the sprocket, spacers, and rear caliper just to remove the wheel. With a single-sided swingarm the axle, sprocket, and chain, all stay where they are, while the wheel just slides off the axle.

Are single sided swingarms safe?

Short answer: Yes, of course they are stable. Long answer: Consider a car’s wheels. They are mounted only on one side with five bolts to the suspension. You don’t have to align your car wheels every day.

What’s the point of stretching a motorcycle?

Stretching the swing arm changes the suspension geometry. The function of a stretched bike is for drag racing, it makes it harder to wheelie.

What does Honda CBR mean?

City Bike Racer

What is a swingarm on a mountain bike?

Swingarm is one of the main component of the bike which allows for the fitment of the rear axle of the bike and the rear suspension to be set up as well as allows for the vertical movement of the rear tyre which helps manage the undulations on the road.

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