Where to buy motorcycle fork oil

What kind of oil do you use for motorcycle forks?

Any hydraulic or ATF fresh oil is best than any old fancy motorcycle fork oil. So regular maintenance is the key. Even better (that 10% most people doesn’t feel) is if you can use some good specific motorcycle oil.

What is the best fork oil?

Our Top Picks of Best Fork Oil in 2020

  1. Maxima 55901 10WT Standard – Best Hydraulic Fork Oil. …
  2. Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil. …
  3. RAVENOL J1V1201 Light 5W Fork Shock Suspension Oil – Best Synthetic Fork Oil. …
  4. Lucas Oil 10771 Fork Oil. …
  5. PJ1 2-30W-1L 30W Fork Tuner Oil. …
  6. Spectro Oil L. …
  7. Motul 101125 Fork Oil.

Does Walmart sell fork oil?

BEL-RAY HIGH PERFORMANCE FORK OIL 10W (1L) – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Does changing fork oil make a difference?

After a few miles the fork oil will begin to warm and change its flow characteristics, providing a little more suppleness to fork travel. That will improve considerably the longer you ride, but only to a point.

Can you change fork oil without removing forks?

Determine if the fork legs have oil drain plugs near the bottom of the legs. If they do, you are in luck and will be able to change the oil without removing the fork legs. … Hold the front brake and push down on the fork several times to pump the oil out.

How often should you change motorcycle fork oil?

every 10,000 miles

Does fork oil go bad?

It doesn’t go bad. Use what you’ve got.

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What does adding more fork oil do?

What is the effect of changing oil height? Adding oil to your forks reduces the air volume. Since air is compressible, a smaller airspace is harder to compress than a larger airspace, which results in a stiffer fork.

Is fork oil the same as hydraulic oil?

Firstly, fork oil is hydraulic oil, it does the same job in both circumstances but is under less stress in a pair of motorcycle forks.

How often should you change Harley fork oil?

How often should you change your fork oil? That is a very good question. It’s been quoted as every year, every two years, every 30,000 miles, every 50,000 miles and more. The best thing is to check around or ask Mike the Harley Mechanic expert.

How much fork oil do I need?

typically you would overfill the forks and draw out the excess oil with a syringe/tube that is set a specific distance below the edge of the top of the fork tube, in roadracing you will see a lot of bikes running between 90-110mm fork oil level.

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