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How to install saddlebags on a motorcycle

How are motorcycle saddlebags measured?

Take a horizontal measurement (Measurement 1 in the image above) from the rear turnsignals to directly below where the rider’s lower back aligns on the seat or shock. This measurement is the length of the saddlebags that will fit correctly on your motorcycle.

How do you measure a saddle bag?

Measure side to side (B): From the back of the seat (rider’s position) or shock to the back of the turn signal. Measurement should be greater than the top of the bag length (L). 3. Measurement from the top to bottom (A): From the bottom of the seat pad or to the top of the fender to the top of the exhaust pope.

What do you put in motorcycle saddlebags?

What do you keep in your saddlebags?

  • toolkit.
  • zip ties.
  • wiring kit.
  • shop manual.
  • ball-point pen.
  • checkbook.
  • duct tape.
  • electrical tape.

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