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How to port and polish motorcycle heads

What are the benefits of porting and polishing a head?

What does Port and Polish heads mean? Port and polish work helps the engine to make more power in three different ways. By making the intake ports bigger, port and polish work removes restriction from the intake stream which makes it easier for the engine to draw in fresh air.

How much does it cost to get heads ported and polished?

What we like to do is flow the head first, compare to spec type heads of similar design and say this is where we think it can get to. After porting, the head is reflowed and results shown to the customer. Again, expect to pay around $500 to 800 for that type of head.

How much HP gain from porting heads?

Head porting is probably the single most critical piece of adding HP. you can gain 20-30 from a really good port job.

Does port and polish add HP?

Don’t expect huge leaps in horsepower; results obviously depend on the original state of the cylinder head and the quality of the workmanship. If you believe online forum chatter, LS1 cylinder heads can give anywhere between 10 to over 50bhp extra from a port and polish, so it is by no means a linear process.

Does porting heads lower compression?

In general, head porting does not affect compression. Porting the head usually means enlarging the intake and exhaust runners, that’s it. However, some porters “work” the combustion chamber, removing material for whatever reason. This will lower the compression.

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Do cylinder heads increase horsepower?

In addition to revising the camshaft events, one of the best methods of bolt-on power relates to the cylinder heads. … Improved throttle response, ‘fatter’ power and torque curves, and peak horsepower can all be generated through selecting the right cylinder heads for the engine combination.

Does an intake manifold increase horsepower?

Adding an aftermarket performance intake manifold with taller, larger and/or longer runners feeds the engine more air and fuel to increase the torque and horsepower output.

How much does it cost to port a manifold?

Stage II: $250 Suggested porting for most intakes. Includes port matching and blending of the plenum and its dividers. Stage III: See below for pricing Complements any head porting for maximum horsepower. Includes full porting and polishing of the inside of the intake manifold.

What is bowl blending heads?

Bowl blending smooths this area immediately behind the valve and into the radius (turn) and is the biggest bang for the buck in head work.

Can I port and polish my own heads?

The best way to save the most money while reaping the same performance benefits is to invest your own personal time into porting and polishing the cylinder head yourself. The porting and polishing process is broadly the same for all cylinder heads.

What does port and polish mean?

Port/polish work is a relatively simple process that is performed on the engine’s cylinder head. First, the intake and/or exhaust inlets (ports) on the cylinder head are enlarged using a grinding or cutting tool. … The enlarged ports are then smoothed over using a sanding or grinding tool.

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