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How to replace brake lever on motorcycle

Why do motorcycles have Shorty levers?

Shorty levers are an OEM or aftermarket replacement clutch and brake lever for motorcycles that are shorter in length than the original levers. Shorty levers can improve the riders performance and hand ergonomics while riding.

How do you remove old Shimano brake levers?

You can leave the housing (black thing that goes into the adjuster) alone. Once you have removed the cable from the lever, and pull the lever all the way, down in the bottom you will see a bolt, loosen it just enough so that you can slide the lever off the end of the bars.

How do you remove Shimano 200gs brake levers?

Re: Old school Shimano brake lever removal

The Shimano 200GS is held to the bar with a hidden screw like old ten-speed brake levers. Remove the cable. Squeeze the brake lever. Look for the head of a screw or bolt in the gap exposed by the open lever/perch.

Are Shimano hydraulic brake levers interchangeable?

all Shimano 2-piston calipers use 22mm diameter pistons: 760mm 2 of piston area. If you can get the hydraulic lines to mate up, they’re 100% interchangeable, from the latest 11-speed road levers going all the way back to the 9-speed-era MTB brakes.

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