How to adjust throttle cable motorcycle

How tight should my throttle cable be?

Well it should have very little slack. Not even enough to put you pinky finger in. If you play with the throttle body does it slip out of place? If so it is wayyyyy too loose!

How do you fix a tight throttle cable?

In order to fix a loose or tight throttle cable, you’ll need to turn this nut. Place the open ended wrench over the throttle body adjustment nut, and turn the nut either clockwise or counterclockwise until there is about 1/4 inch play in the tension of the throttle cable.

Are throttle and idle cables the same?

Yes, the throttle(pull-open) cable is different from the idle(pull-close) cable. When measuring cables, measure the cable housing length. and be sure that you get the bend on the cable end that goes into the housing on the handlebars.

Why does my Harley have 2 throttle cables?

There are two cables because one of them is to open the throttle and one of them is to close the throttle in case the spring return doesn’t work. It’s a safety factor so get it fixed asap. The bike will be just fine with the main throttle cable,the other is,as posted above a safety cable.

Why do Harleys have two throttle cables?

Well the return cable keeps your carb from doing all the work of shutting you throttle down. So if you don’t mind putting the extra work onto your carb springs and having to change them sooner then go for it.

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Do throttle cables stretch?

Yes, they can stretch a little over time and strain. But they can only stretch a little as they are metal which can only stretch so much. There are two basic components in a cable.

How can I make my throttle more responsive?

One of the easiest ways to improve engine and throttle response is by making sure your fuel filter is clean. When you stomp on the gas pedal, it sends a signal for more fuel to go into the engine.

What can a loose throttle cable cause?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle Control Cable

  • Improper cable adjustment and slow acceleration response. When there is excess slack or the cable is too tight, this can cause intermittent delays in throttle response relative to pressing down on the accelerator pedal. …
  • Dirty or frayed cable. …
  • Cruise control not working properly.

When should I replace throttle cable?

When the driver pushes down on the pedal, the cable pulls the throttle open, allowing air to enter the engine. Most of the time, a throttle cable will last the life of the vehicle. In some instances however, the cable may need to be replaced due to being stretched, snapped or bent.

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