How to install a tachometer on a motorcycle

How do you hook up a tachometer on a motorcycle?

How to Wire a Motorcycle Tachometer

  1. Remove the tachometer from the packaging. …
  2. Use the included hardware to attach the tachometer to the handlebars of your motorcycle. …
  3. Run the receptor and ground wires down the handlebars and frame of the motorcycle to the engine, near where the spark plugs connect to the cylinder head.

Can you use a car tachometer on a motorcycle?

The simple answer is YES! The wiring ideas depend on the tach and the options the the tach offers,rev. limiter, back-lighting, shift indicator lights,etc. But yes, any electronic, 4-stroke tach should work.

Where does a tachometer connect?

distributor circuit breaker

How does a tachometer work on a motorcycle?

The cable connects the gauge to the engine crankcase, and the core of the cable turns at the speed of the engine. The majority of newer motorcycles use single-fire electronic tachometers that interface with the ignition coil and detect the rate of spark generated by the coil to the spark plugs.

How do you wire a Sunpro tach?

How to Wire a Sunpro Tach

  1. Connect the black wire to a clean unpainted ground using a ring terminal or other safe grounding means.
  2. Connect the red wire to any battery harness that provides power when the power is in the “On” position. …
  3. Connect the white wire to the instrument panel lighting circuit connected to the dimmer control switch.

How do you test a boat tachometer?

Start the motor, turn on the shop tachometer meter and run the motor up to 1,000 rpm on the shop tachometer. Take note of and compare this reading to your boat’s tachometer. Check the outboard’s charging system if no signal is detected.

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Why does my tachometer jump around?

If the “RPM gauge”–actually the tachometer–is jumping all over the place, that could indicate a problem with the engine or with the transmission. … If the transmission is not slipping, then the problem probably lies in the engine.

Which side of coil goes to tachometer?

Tachometer installation can be as simple as connecting the tach’s sending wire to the negative side of the ignition coil, while other ignition systems feature a dedicated tach sending circuit.

What sensor controls the RPM gauge?


How do you wire a tachometer to a coil?

Locate an opening with a rubber grommet installed through which the wire can pass. Route the wire, so that it does not chafe against metal and short. Attach the wire to the negative side of the engine ignition coil. Crimp a connector that will fit onto the coil terminal, and secure it, tightly, with a wrench.

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