How to tighten motorcycle chain

How often should you tighten your motorcycle chain?

On a new chain, you normally have to tighten it once shortly after it is fitted, then you should be good for at least 3,000 miles before it needs adjusting.

Why does my motorcycle chain keep getting loose?

A motorcycle chain that keeps getting loose is usually caused by the rear axle or chain tensioning bolts not being tight enough. It can also be cause by a new chain not being worn in enough, worn down sprocket teeth, having too tight of a tension, or having the wrong size of chain installed.

How do you tighten a chain on a moped?

loosen the two 17mm axle nuts, turn the cams evenly on each side where the axle nuts are located, adjust so that there is about 1/2″ travel up and down in the chain, tighten the axle nuts.

Can you use wd40 on motorcycle chain?

It is highly recommended that you do not use Multi-Purpose WD-40 on your motorcycle chain. The WD stands for Water Displacement, and it is designed to disperse water away from metal parts to prevent rust.

Is it dangerous to ride motorcycle with loose chain?

The point here is the that a tight chain or a loose chain, both would cause serious trouble to the motorcycle. … Precise Chain Tension: The chain of your motorcycle needs to be in a precise tension so that it doesn’t knock off while riding or creates wear and tear to the Sprockets.

Is it hard to change a motorcycle chain?

Replacing a set of sprockets and a chain isn’t hard if you have a repair manual, the required tools, and a way to lift up the motorcycle so the rear wheel is off the ground. … Once that nut is loose you can go to the back end of the motorcycle and loosen the rear axle bolt and the chain tension adjuster bolts.

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How do you tension a chain?

To adjust chain tension, loosen the bolts that fasten the motor base to mounting angles on both sides. Tighten take-up bolts until desired chain tension is reached. Do not over-tighten. A good rule of thumb is 1/4″ deflection in the chain between the sprockets.

What happens if bicycle chain is tight?

If the chain is too tight at this point, push the front of the wheel to the left, so the drive side of the axle slides forwards in the dropouts. If the chain is too loose, pull the front of the wheel to the right, so the axle slides backward in the dropouts. … Now your wheel will likely be out of alignment.

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