What is a grom motorcycle

What does Grom mean in motorcycles?

The young rider’s guide to the cult of Grom bikes

The word comes from the world of waves and riptides; ‘grom’ is used to refer to a young surfer who’s going far and aiming to turn pro. The story goes that Honda America would have had a trademark infringement if it had called Honda’s new bike ‘MSX125’.

Is a Honda Grom considered a motorcycle?

Introduced in 2014, the Grom from Honda is a compact bike with sportbike styling, two-up capabilities if you don’t mind having to Fred-Flintstone the take-off, has amazing fuel economy, and offers a little something more for folks who might consider a scooter in this size-range.

What is the point of a Honda Grom?

Everyone else is faster or has a better pedigree. But it simply doesn’t matter. The only objective of the Grom is to be fun. Not fast, not loud, not well handling, just fun.

Is Honda Grom street legal?

If you’re too short for the Grom, you might want to check out the Kawi 125 competitor. You do not want to get on the highway with one. They aren’t fast enough. They are completely street legal though.

Is the Grom a good starter bike?

The Grom makes a good starter motorcycle as it’s more than capable of commuting and having some fun on the weekends and the taller seat height will accommodate most new riders. The Grom won’t handle highway speeds well, so be wary of trying to outpace heavy high-speed traffic.

Can you take your motorcycle test on a grom?

Its a street legal motorcycle, with the only caveat of it is likely not legal on highway / freeways due to its CC size, and that might be the limiting factor that the dmv is using. This was the MSF riders course. If you take the class and pass you don’t have to test out at the DMV.

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How far can a grom go on a full tank?

100 miles

What does Grom stand for?

A grommet (grom, or gremmie) is a young participant in extreme sports. Originally, a grommet was a surfer under the age of 16. In recent years, this has expanded to include other extreme sports, most notably skateboarding, roller derby and snowboarding.

How fast does a grom motorcycle go?

56 MPH

Why is the grom so popular?

Then there’s the Honda Grom’s speed. Men’s Journal reports veteran riders are also buying into the tiny bike precisely because it isn’t terribly fast. They can push the bike’s limits and enjoy themselves at road-legal speeds without risking a dangerous high-speed crash.

Can you ride a Honda Grom on the highway?

It’s not legal for the freeway / highway, even though some people do it in sprints. It wouldn’t hurt on a flat highway in the slow lane. But you might get in trouble/ get a ticket.

Is Honda Grom safe?

You can be a hooligan without attracting attention

It didn’t bother me one bit. You see, with its tiny dimensions and cutesy aesthetics, the Grom looks completely harmless, which means that you can get away with absolute murder on the daily commute.

Is Honda Grom good for commuting?

In an ideal urban metro, the Grom is the perfect city commuter vehicle, especially in a relatively near future when electric powertrains are less expensive and greater sensor awareness by other vehicles make getting creamed between two inattentive car drivers less likely.

How fast can you make a grom?

If you’re trying to increase the top speed of your Honda Grom from 62 mph, then this is the mod you need to install. The process makes it a great gateway into the larger bike world too.

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