What is the value of my motorcycle

Does Kelley Blue Book do motorcycles?

For over 40 years, Kelley Blue Book has been The Trusted Resource for Motorcycle values and pricing. Kelley Blue Book regularly updates its motorcycle values to give consumers the pricing information they need.

What is blue book of bike?

Updated July 29, 2020. The motorcycle blue book value is the generic term for the market value of a motorcycle made in a particular year by a selected manufacturer. The Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is the origin of that term and is one of the most well-known pricing guides for those in the market for a used motorcycle.

What is the best place to sell a motorcycle?

Take a look at a few other places you can sell your sportbike online:

  • Craigslist.
  • Ebay.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook Groups.
  • Autotrader.

How much is a 2006 Honda cbr1000rr worth?

ValuesSuggested List PriceAverage RetailBase Price$11,299$5,360Options (Add)Total Price$11,299$5,360

What is high mileage for a motorcycle?

40,000 miles

How accurate is Kelley Blue Book?

It’s considered accurate enough that Mint will use it to value your vehicle. KBB is only good for regular cars, meaning ones without any some of following or fanbase. If you’re buying something like a used Civic, then KBB is usually a pretty good estimate of its market value. … Edmunds is better than KBB.

How can I sell my bike fast?

The Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Used Bike

  1. Sell with The Pro’s Closet.
  2. Sell Your Bike To A Pawn or Used Sporting Goods Shop.
  3. Sell Your Bike On Craigslist, Facebook, or Local Online Marketplace.
  4. Sell Your Bike On A Bike Forum or Website.
  5. Sell Your Bike On eBay.
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Do CarMax buy motorcycles?

Answer: “Does CarMax buy motorcycles?” The simple answer… No. CarMax is strictly into the business of buying and selling cars alone. They don’t buy or sell motorcycles.

Do bikes lose value?

For resale value, bikes do remarkably well. Like cars, expensive bikes lose value more quickly than cheaper ones, because the buyers of more expensive bikes are less likely to buy used equipment. … A bike in very good condition would lose maybe half of its value over five years.

What increases the value of a motorcycle?

Follow these tips and tricks to increase your motorcycle value. bike show its’ age. A fresh coat of paint or even a touch up job can keep your bike looking brand new. Adding lighting can help with the aesthetics and increase the functionality of your motorcycle.

Should you let someone test drive your motorcycle?

It is advised to let potential buyers test drive a motorcycle you are selling. … It’s also advised to have collateral against the buyer during a test drive such as the full asking price in cash and/or their driver’s license in the case they steal the motorcycle or damage it.

How many miles does a motorcycle engine last?

50,000 miles

How fast will a CBR 1000 go?

Specifications2004 — 200520200 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h)2.7–3.19 sec.2.3 sec0 to 1⁄4 mi (0.00 to 0.40 km)10.14 sec. @ 226.58 km/h (140.79 mph)9.44 sec @ 235 km/h (146 mph)Top speed288–290 km/h (179–180 mph)320 km/h (200 mph)Braking 60 to 0 mph (97 to 0 km/h)35 m (114 ft)30 m (98 ft)

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How much horsepower does a 2006 cbr1000rr have?

Water cooled, 998cc, Inline-4, DOHCPower:171.31 HP (126 kW) @ 11250 rpmTorque:115 Nm (84.82 lb-ft) @ 8500 rpmFinal drive:ChainTop speed:178.95 mphCurb weight:458.6 lbs

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