How to clean and lube a motorcycle chain

Can you use wd40 to clean a motorcycle chain?

It is highly recommended that you do not use Multi-Purpose WD-40 on your motorcycle chain. The WD stands for Water Displacement, and it is designed to disperse water away from metal parts to prevent rust.

Do I need to clean my motorcycle chain?

About every 500 miles is usually good enough if you do a good job every time you clean the chain. If you ride more than that in a day, then every day is fine, you don’t have to stop in the middle of a long ride to clean your chain. You should clean and lube your chain every time you ride in the rain.

How do you use chain cleaner and lube?

Oil the chain

The last and most rewarding step is to oil the chain with motorcycle chain lubricant. Use the nozzle provided with the spray can and make sure to oil each link of the chain. Make sure to spray in short bursts so that it doesn’t get all over other areas which would then be difficult to clean.

What household items can you use to clean a motorcycle chain?

Take some degreaser into a spray bottle and spray all over the chain, allow some time to the degreaser to work before rinsing. If there’s still some dirt left, repeat the process. However, if the chain is too greasy and grimy, it’s better to remove it for a thorough cleaning.

How do I know if my motorcycle chain needs Lube?

Lick it. I’ll usually inspect it every 2-3 weeks (unless something feels off) and if it looks dry or is starting to get gunk/rust on it I’ll scrub it down and lube it back up.

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Is WD 40 safe for O rings?

WD-40 is great for cleaning your o-ring chain. … Then apply silicone spray or chain lube of your choice. It absolutely does not harm the o-rings.

Why is wd40 bad for bike chains?

WD40 is primarily a solvent, which means that it dissolves contaminates so parts get nice and clean. As a solvent, WD-40 will strip away any existing lubricant, leaving your chain, and drivetrain dryer than before application. This means that using WD-40 as a chain lubricant is worse than using no lube at all.

How often should you clean your motorcycle chain?

The chain should be cleaned before each lubrication, as the combination of dirt and grit with chain lube/grease can make a ‘grinding paste’, severely reducing chain life. If that isn’t possible, aim to clean the chain every 750-1000miles.

What is the best motorcycle cleaner?

  • Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish. One of the original spray on/wipe off motorcycle cleaners, Pro Honda Spray Cleaner was pretty much the industry standard. …
  • Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner. …
  • Protect All Polish, Wax and Treatment. …
  • S100 Total Cycle Cleaner. …
  • S100 Detail and Wax Aerosol.

Can I use degreaser to clean motorcycle chain?

Use Kero to clean the chain. The engine degreaser could affect the o-rings in a less than positive way. Do lube up the chain after its been cleaned. I personally brush on 90w gear oil, but you could use a motorcycle specific chain lube if so inclined.

Which motorcycle chain lube is best?

Chain lube for bikes: For increased efficiency of your motorcycle

  • Motul 102981 C2 Chain Lube for bikes. …
  • Grand Pitstop Motul C1 Chain Clean and C2 Chain lube (150 ml) with GrandPitstop Bike Chain Cleaning Brush Red. …
  • Motul Combo of C2 Chain Lube (150 ml) and C1 Chain Clean for All Bikes. …
  • Grand Pitstop Motul C1 Chain Clean and Chain lube (150 ml) Bike Chain Cleaning Brush Blue.
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What happens if you don’t lube your motorcycle chain?

If the chain is not lubricated it will wear prematurely. … This has the effect of changing the distance between the rollers.As the chain grows it will no longer match the pitch of the drive sprockets, the sprockets will wear out prematurely. If you then change the chain it will be worn by the old sprockets.

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