How to lace a motorcycle rim

How do you lace your rims?

Put the spoke into the rim four eyelets clockwise from the valve hole, lacing it over the spoke it crosses. Screw a nipple on and repeat this (apart from the spoke crossing) around the wheel. Each spoke should fit into the fourth eyelet clockwise from the previous one.

Is it hard to lace a wheel?

Honestly, it’s not that hard. Takes a lot of patience, and it will probably take you a couple tries to get the lacing pattern correct. Take your time, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver, and a spoke wrench for sure. Truing and tensioning on the other hand, takes skill.

How do you take spokes off a motorcycle rim?

Pull spokes through the holes in the hub.

  1. If available, put the wheel in a truing stand. …
  2. Find the appropriate spoke wrench.
  3. Loosen all the spokes with the wrench, and then you can turn the nipples with your fingers, or from the outside of the rim with a screwdriver.

Can you true a motorcycle wheel with the tire on?

If it’s just a minor truing, it’s fine to keep the tires on. If you have single wall rims, deflate the tires first. … I am not an expert, but if I understand correctly spokes are under a bit less tension with a tire inflated than without. I would be affraid to over-tension spokes by truing with a tire on…

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