How to rebuild a motorcycle rear master cylinder

Can you rebuild a brake master cylinder?

A soft or spongy brake pedal indicates it is time to “rebuild” your master cylinder. You’ll have to remove it from the car, disassemble, clean the metal parts, hone the bore, install new parts from a rebuilding kit and reassemble it.

Which port on master cylinder is for front brakes?

Rear port

How do you check a brake master cylinder?

Leave the engine running and slowly push the brake pedal in and out a few times. Press the brake pedal in again until it stops moving and hold sustained pressure on the pedal. If the brake pedal stops moving and stabilizes in one spot, the master cylinder is working properly.

How do I know if my master cylinder needs to be replaced?

Over time, the seals inside the master cylinder will wear off and form internal leaks. And one of the symptoms of a bad master cylinder is a brake pedal that feels spongy, mushy, or slowly sinks to the floor when stepped on. Under normal circumstances, a functioning brake pedal should feel firm when depressed.

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