How to remove motorcycle flywheel without puller

How do you remove a stuck motorcycle flywheel?

Don’t heat that flywheel, the stator is inside it and you’ll melt the insulation and short it out. Soak it with liquid wrench overnight, then use a decent puller. Don’t want to do that! Just got it soaked in liquid wrench a minute ago.

How do you remove a stubborn flywheel?

Make sure you use hardened bolts that thread into the flywheel but most of time you snug the puller bolt up with an impact and tap on it with a hammer and it falls off. quality puller; grade 8 pulled bolts and tighten with impact; then give a good clean strike with a hammer on the main puller bolt.

Can a flywheel get stuck?

Flywheels don’t just get stuck. The engine could have a hydraulic lock due to water ingestion (as dandyoun stated) or you may have bent a Connecting Rod.

Do you have to remove transmission to replace flywheel?

How to Replace a Flywheel. An engine flywheel is used to couple the engine to the transmission while holding the clutch assembly. When replacing a flywheel the transmission and clutch must be removed as well.

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